We Make Our Own Clothes

In an industry where $1/day passes as a living wage we are fortunate enough to participate in every aspect of our clothing, from idea to real thing, without compromising our ethos.  We work in the same space as our machinists and pay them the same wage as our front of house staff. It works, ethically but also because the business benefits from a more cohesive production process and ultimately it reflects in the quality of the end product. 

Still, despite the obvious benefits it remains a rare practice and high volume superbrands continue to puppetmaster exploitive production practices worldwide.

We aren't claiming to have the solution to this deeply systemic problem, we are just doing our best to navigate these spaces with our integrity intact because all fashion industry trappings aside, we love making (our own) clothes.

Shot by Jana Heyns
Edited by Heather Thompson
Featuring the vocal talent of our very own Marleen Bester 


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