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After we finished the Slang collection inspired by the Apple II version of Snake we were still revelling in its monochrome glory and wanted to make more things. So, after a life time of worshipping at the arcade altar, we finally made our own game! in Fitting that it should be a tribute to one of the first games to cross over into mass consciousness.  

We teamed up with Warp Speed (@warpspeed9000) a local game development company that includes the homie Boeta Phyf (@boetaphyf). Once the concept was in place  Maramza (@djmaramza) came on board with a beat sampling SnakeByte, another version in the genre that we felt has the strongest 8bit sound. The results are addictive:

We caught up with Boeta Phyf for a quick BTS interview of the development side of things:

How did Warp Speed get started?

One day at our 9 to 5 (in the serious game industry), as a joke we were like how long

do you think it would it take to make 2048 puzzle game. This took our designer and dev 30 minutes to make a prototype. From there we showed our animator. Homie was blown away! He said he could animate and add some fx to the characters and merging to add more 8bitness. People picked it up really quickly and enjoyed just jamming a fun game. So bra, we actually made a game, many updates and testing later. It was super fun to just jam with 2 guys that had the same mindset.  

What does Warp Speed offer?

All 3 of us grew up playing old school SNES, corner store games and meme32. So pixel art and new looking old games is what you can expect from us. We are trying work with mense that love this style games as much as we do. But, at the moment we will just keep klapping the kind of games we love to play.

How has the progression from design, graffiti and computer science moved into making games is this the sweet spot for you?

It was just the logical next step. We have to move with the times, keep evolving. Personally, animation in SA is peaking in terms of a 9 to 5. Making games will be the next wave and we trying to jump ahead of it. 

Personally I’ve wanted to make games since I first played, Super Mario, Street Fighter 2, Tetris, Ice Climber and Circus Charlie. Being able to do that with two homies is incredible. The mechanic of the game and how fun it will be to play comes first, then we dress it up and make it look mooi.

How did colab with 2BOP come about?

There's been a long standing relationship with 2BOP, I’ve been buying TwoBop since Ant

was selling tees out his boot. He used to come to my joint with a duffle bag of new 2BOP clothing. So for 10 years we have been threatening to work together. Ant sent me some images of their new capsule. 

Everyone played snake. In the vain of keeping the games simple and having the itch to make another game, this colab came at a great time. We were like, “It would jas if people could download a version of Snake with any item they purchased from the capsule”. SLANG was born from that. Also with Maramza on the beats it ties everything together really well. Salute.

Free for download on Android here



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