LITEPHASE 02 10th Anniversary Collection

To celebrate this milestone, we've recreated and reissued some of our favourite pieces, and remixed a few others, evoking a certain nostalgia through every piece. This collection emulates our serving suggestion of summer essentials.















 One of the first reissues is a remix the timeless "Juicy" print T-shirt. This time around it's served with a monochromatic treatment in black and white. 



The collection also sees the return of our very first collaboration with Xander Fereira, featuring nostalgic polaroid prints of classic arcade games from the 80's and 90's.

Staying with collaborations, we've teamed up with extremely talented illustrator, Daniel Ting Chong, to bring forth what we believe to be the future classics.


This nostalgic collection uses a variety of fabrics ranging from pastel organic hemp and organic cotton used in some of the headwear, to some synthetic fabrics and digital prints.


Summer staples is well noted across the range; vests, shorts, 5 panels and bucket hats.



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